Do I Qualify For Medical Cannabis?

Get Evaluated For Medical Marijuana With The Assistance Of Canna Care Docs

Each state has a list of qualifying conditions for their respective medical marijuana programs. In order to qualify for a medical marijuana card, patients must have one of those qualifying conditions. Each state has their own set of guidelines and regulations, along with those qualifying conditions that make a patient eligible for medical cannabis. Depending on the status of medical cannabis in your state, patients will need to have a specific condition in order to qualify and will need to be recommended for medical cannabis by a health professional – like Relaxed Clarity.

Patients who are curious as to whether they qualify need to visit the Colorado medical marijuana program online to see if they have a qualifying condition, as these conditions get updated over time.

Learn How To Get Certified For Medical Marijuana

For patients who do fall within their Colorado’s respective medical cannabis framework, they should then book an appointment directly with Relaxed Clarity. Patients will have all their medical cannabis questions answered, connect with a health professional, and begin the process of becoming a medical cannabis patient. Patients must also adhere to strict guidelines for obtaining their medicine, storing, and consuming their medicine. As a part of your evaluation process, a Relaxed Clarity educator will ensure you have all the information you need to follow those guidelines.