Cannabis Doctor Spotlight: Garrett Sullivan, MD

Garrett Sullivan, MD, joined Relaxed Clarity in April of 2021 at the invitation of Dr. Ray Gottesfeld. He has come to appreciate the many and varied benefits of Cannabis for his patients, for whom there is no substitute therapy.

From Biology and Bluegrass to Anesthesiology and Acupuncture

Dr. Sullivan grew up in an Air Force family, and as an “Air Force Brat,” he attended 10 different schools before graduating from Aspen High School. He attended an international elementary school in Paris where he became fluent in French. His high school days in Aspen brought him the chance to develop his skiing and snowboarding abilities and his love of the mountains of Colorado. 

Dr. Sullivan graduated from Stanford University in 1975 with a B.S. in Biology while playing lacrosse and joining a bluegrass band. He spent a year in Japan teaching English with Volunteers in Asia, and was fascinated by acupuncture, which is widely practiced in Japan. 

He graduated from University of Colorado Health Science Center in 1980 and took an Internal Medicine Internship at St. Joseph Hospital in Denver. His residency was in Anesthesiology at UCLA, with a fellowship in pain management added on. He also took the UCLA course in medical acupuncture.

Dr. Sullivan’s Career and Life in Medicine

A few years later, Dr. Sullivan met Dr. Ray Gottesfeld at Rose General Hospital in Denver while practicing anesthesia for gynecological surgeries. 

A big part of his career was spent in Frisco, Colorado, where he was medical director of Summit Surgery Center and president of Alpine Anesthesia and Pain Management. 

His marriage produced two wonderful children, son Colin of Boston, and daughter Madelyn of Aspen. He took up the autoharp at a late age and enjoys playing at bluegrass jam sessions around Denver. A sample of Garrett playing the autoharp can be seen at

Dr. Sullivan is also an avid fan of the Colorado Avalanche, the 2022 Stanley Cup Champs. Go, Aves, Go!